Film and TV production

We are offering a professional production of:

Advertising films
Documentary films
Corporation films
Training/teaching films
Event reports

2i Studio kurier

Visual catering for TVs and events

TV visual catering – creation of TV station’s identification from graphic and audio sides. Preparation of soundtracks, graphic projects, animation projects and film projects used for an unification of TV image.

Events  visual catering – making attractive every presentation materials for the festivals, corporate events and conferences.


Color Grading

In film and TV production we use a professional workstation for color correction with software Da Vinci Resolve 12.
With our experience and unique way to to see things, color grading is an ideal way to achieve the best effect.


Sound catering

Many years of experience in music composing allows us to deliver a full range of audio solutions.

We create a unique sound catering – we create music for film and TV openings, TV and radio jingles, for visualizations and events, artistic projects and theater spectacles.


Film special effects SFX

Film special effects SFX – images and animations made with advanced graphic software. Mostly used in advertising, cinematography and entertainment industry.


Image correction

Image correction – removing unnecessary elements that appears while shooting films.

We remove logotypes, license plates, firm marks, texts and other undesirable elements.